Five essential accessories for kitchen

It's easy to pick pictural artwork: Photography and paintings representing things and people we can easily recognize have a familiar feel that is, in a sense, easier to digest and understand than abstract art. But if there is one thing we noticed all cool and sophisticated homes have in common, it's a killer art collection—and one that often includes many abstract and minimalist pieces. [ AXEL – ARTIPIECES , DORA – ARTIPIECES , REBA – ARTIPIECES ] Whether it's black and white photography with an abstract crop, a line drawing vaguely representing something familiar, or simply a bright and colorful monochrome pieces that simply puts one color and shape at the forefront, minimalistic wall art is surprisingly versatile and will look just as much at home in a light and bright modern environment as it would in a moody and ornate room. Ready to add an air of sophistication to your space? Start by adding this minimalist wall art to your walls. [ TOKA – ARTIPIECES , GABI – ARTIPIECES , BEKA – ARTIPIECES ]