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The Cama Leonda Sofa is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that is perfect for any home or office. It features a modern design and is constructed from high-quality materials for lasting durability. This sofa has a comfortable reclining design with deep seating, adjustable headrests, and reclining armrests. It also features a storage compartment in the base for keeping books, magazines, and other items. The Cama Leonda Sofa is perfect for any room in your home or office and is sure to add an inviting and stylish look to any space.


The Cama Leonda sofa is a modern, comfortable, and stylish piece of furniture that's perfect for any living room. It has a unique design with a curved shape and sleek lines that will add a hint of sophistication to any space. It also comes with several features such as adjustable headrests, a foldable footrest, and a built-in storage compartment. The sofa is made from high-quality materials like faux leather and foam, which provide a comfortable and supportive seating experience. The Cama Leonda is ideal for those who want an elegant and modern look that is still comfortable and practical.

Specifications of Cama Leonda sofa

1. Material: The Cama Leonda is made of a sturdy wooden frame and polyester upholstery.

2. Comfort: The Cama Leonda features comfortable foam cushions that are upholstered in polyester fabric for a soft touch and added support.

3. Seating: This has seating for up to three people.

4. Style: This Cama Leonda sofa sofa features a modern design with a clean silhouette and sleek lines.

5. Dimensions: The Cama Leonda sofa measures 82.7" W x 35.4" D x 33.5" H. 6. Weight: This sofa has a total weight of 154.3 lbs.

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