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The Mushroom Bedside Lamp is a unique and whimsical lighting option that is perfect for adding a touch of warmth and personality to any room. This lamp features a ceramic base shaped like a mushroom with an off-white glaze that adds a touch of texture and style to the room. The mushroom also has a subtle pink hue, adding a delicate and feminine touch. The lamp has a white linen shade that helps to diffuse the light and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The lamp is the perfect addition to a child's room or a cozy living area.


This Mushroom Bedside Lamp is a unique way to bring a touch of nature into your bedroom. This stylish lamp features a realistic design that looks like a real mushroom, complete with a stem and cap. The lamp is made of durable plastic and painted with a natural finish, making it a perfect addition to any bedroomcor. The soft, warm light of the lamp is perfect for reading and relaxing, and the adjustable stem lets you easily adjust the height of the lamp to fit your needs. With its stylish design and realistic look, this Bedside Lamp is sure to be a conversation starter in any bedroom.

Specifications of Mushroom Bedside Lamp

1. Material:

- Body: Metal - Shade: Fabric 2. Dimensions: - Base Diameter: 8 inches - Lamp Height: 16 inches - Shade Diameter: 10 inches 3.


- Bulb TypeMushroom Bedside Lamp LED - Wattage: 5-7 watts (max) - Color Temperature: 3000K-5000K 4.


- On/Off switch - Adjustable head - UL certification

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