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3D Butterfly Table Night Light | Indoor Lighting Switch Button


Descriptions :-

The 3D Butterfly Table Night Light is a whimsical fusion of artistry and functionality, designed to enchant and illuminate any space with its ethereal beauty. Crafted with delicate precision, each butterfly seemingly flutters in mid-air, creating a mesmerizing 3D effect that captivates the imagination. This enchanting luminary serves not only as a source of soft, comforting light but also as a stunning decorative accent, adding a touch of magic to bedside tables, shelves, or desks. Whether used to soothe children to sleep or to create a tranquil ambiance for relaxation, the gentle glow emitted by this night light creates a serene atmosphere that invites tranquility and calm. With its intricate design and enchanting allure, the 3D Butterfly Table Night Light is sure to become a cherished centerpiece in any room, casting a spell of beauty and wonder that enchants both young and old alike.

About :-

Step into a realm of enchantment with the mesmerizing 3D Butterfly Table Night Light, where every fluttering wing tells a story of elegance and charm. This captivating luminary transcends the ordinary, offering a delicate dance of light and shadow that ignites the imagination. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each butterfly appears to take flight in a stunning 3D display, creating a breathtaking spectacle that mesmerizes all who behold it. Whether adorning a bedside table, illuminating a cozy reading nook, or gracing a nursery with its gentle glow, this night light transforms any space into a sanctuary of magic and wonder. With its ethereal beauty and soothing radiance, the Butterfly Table Night Light not only illuminates the darkness but also illuminates hearts with its undeniable allure. Let its enchanting presence flutter into your life and illuminate your world with unparalleled grace and allure.

Specifications for 3D Butterfly Table Night Light :-

Key Points :-
Style ‎Modern
Color ‎warm light
Product Dimensions ‎6"D x 6"W x 11.8"H
Special Feature ‎Corded
Light Source Type ‎LED
Material ‎Plastic
Lamp Type ‎led
Product Name 3D Butterfly Table Night Light
Room Type ‎Living Room
Shade Material ‎Glass
Recommended Uses For Product ‎Decoration
Power Source ‎Corded Electric
Shape ‎Dome
Switch Type ‎Push Button
Number of Light Sources ‎1
Connectivity Technology ‎USB
Included Components ‎Shade included.



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