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Descriptions ;-

Introducing the Alarm Clock with Backlight, your perfect bedside companion for seamless mornings and peaceful nights. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, this alarm clock ensures you wake up on time while also providing convenience with its backlight feature. Its easy-to-read display offers clarity at a glance, even in low-light conditions, ensuring you can check the time without straining your eyes. With customizable alarm settings, you can personalize your wake-up call to suit your preferences, whether it's a gentle melody or a traditional buzz. The backlight adds an extra layer of convenience, gently illuminating the clock face with a soft glow, making it effortless to check the time during the night without disrupting your sleep. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark for your phone or squinting at a bright screen – the Alarm Clock with Backlight is here to simplify your mornings and enhance your sleep environment.

About :-

Introducing the Alarm Clock with Backlight, a meticulously crafted timepiece that seamlessly blends form and function. This sleek bedside companion boasts a minimalist design, adorned with a crisp, easy-to-read display that ensures effortless timekeeping at any hour. Its ingenious backlight feature adds an element of practicality, gently illuminating the clock face with a soft, ambient glow, perfect for nocturnal time checks without disturbing your slumber. With customizable alarm settings, awakening becomes a personalized experience, offering a gentle nudge into the day with your preferred melody or tone. Bid farewell to the frantic search for your phone in the dark or the harsh glare of digital screens – the Alarm Clock with Backlight is the epitome of elegance and utility, harmonizing with your lifestyle while enhancing your sleep sanctuary.

Specifications of Alarm Clock with Backlight :-

Key Points :-
Display Type    ‎Analog
Style    ‎European and American style, Modern
Special Feature    ‎White battery desk clock analog, small White desk clock table analog, bedside office desk clock decorative, analog alarm desktop clock for living room dorm bedroom round cute
Power Source    ‎Battery Powered
Product Name        Alarm Clock with Backlight
Room Type    ‎Bedroom
Shape    ‎Round
Material    ‎Polyester
Theme    ‎The perfect gift clock, Easy to Read Silent Clock ,Frosted Texture Quartz Clock
Frame Material    ‎Plastic ,Frosted Texture Quartz
Are Batteries Included    ‎No
Mounting Type    ‎Tabletop
Item Weight    ‎122 g.


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