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A dining table is typically a large, rectangular table with four legs and a flat top surface. It is used to provide a space for people to gather and eat meals. Dining chairs are typically comfortable chairs with arm and backrests, which are designed to be used around a table. They vary in style, materials and colors to suit anycor.


Dining table and chairs are an essential part of any dining space. The right table and chairs can help to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for family and friends. When choosing the perfect table and chairs, there are many factors to consider such as size, style, material, shape, and color. The size of the table and chairs should be appropriate for the size of the room and the number of people you plan to seat around the table. Style should be chosen to reflect the overall design of the room and the homeowners personal style. Material is also an important factor when selecting dining table and chairs, as it can affect both the durability and the appearance of the pieces. Shape and color should be chosen to complement the other furniture in the room and to create an overall aesthetic.

Specifications of Dining table and chairs


- Material: Wood and metal - Shape: Rectangle - Size: 36" x 72" - Finish: Natural


- Material: Wood and fabric - Style: Upholstered - Color: Neutral - Seating 

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