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Dinner Plate Tableware Set | Wooden Plate


Descriptions :-

The Dinner Plate Tableware Set epitomizes versatility and elegance, offering a seamless blend of functionality and style for any dining occasion. Crafted with precision and care, each plate boasts a perfect balance of form and function, making it an essential addition to any table setting. The set's timeless design ensures it complements a wide range of aesthetics, from classic to contemporary, adding a touch of refinement to every meal. Whether used for casual family dinners or formal gatherings, these plates exude sophistication with their sleek lines and pristine finish. With a durable construction built to withstand daily use, this tableware set promises both practicality and enduring beauty. Elevate your dining experience with the Dinner Plate Tableware Set, where every dish becomes a canvas for culinary creativity and every gathering a celebration of taste and style.

About :-

The Dinner Plate Tableware Set epitomizes the pinnacle of dining sophistication, offering a harmonious fusion of timeless elegance and practical functionality. Impeccably crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each plate within this set exudes an aura of refinement, elevating even the simplest of meals to an experience of luxury. With a design that strikes the perfect balance between classic charm and modern allure, these plates effortlessly enhance any table setting, whether it be a cozy family dinner or an extravagant soirée. Their flawless construction and exquisite finish not only add a touch of opulence to every dish served but also ensure durability and longevity, promising to grace your table for years to come. Indulge in the art of fine dining with the Plate Tableware Set, where every meal becomes a masterpiece and every gathering a celebration of taste and sophistication.

Specifications for Dinner Plate Tableware Set  :-

Key Points :-
Material    Wood
Color    Deep Color*
Size    7.76" x 7.68" x 0.79"
Item Weight    262 Grams
Is Microwaveable    No
Is Dishwasher Safe    No
Product Name        Dinner Plate Tableware Set 
Included Components    1 x Serving Tray
Item Weight    9.2 ounces.


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