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The Flower Desk Lamp is a modern and stylish lighting solution ideal for home offices or any other workspace. This features a unique flower-shaped shade that emits a warm and inviting glow. The lamp is adjustable, so you can adjust the height and angle of the shade to light up your work area just the way you like it. The light is powered by two energy-efficient LED bulbs, giving you bright and natural lighting without the need for any other external lighting sources. With its sleek and modern design, this lamp is sure to add a touch of beauty to any workspace.


The perfect addition to any desk or bedside table, this flower desk lamp is a modern and stylish way to light up your space. It features an adjustable stem, so you can choose the height that is just right for you. The stunning flower-shaped lampshade provides a unique and decorative look, and the white finish ensures it will fit in with a variety of home and office decors. The lamp uses energy-saving LED bulbs, so you can enjoy a bright and efficient light source that is also economical to use.

Specifications of Flower Desk Lamp

Base: The base of the flower desk lamp should be strong and durable, preferably made of metal.

Height: The height of the flower desk lamp should be adjustable, allowing the user to set the light at the desired level.

Shade: The shade should be made of fabric or glass and should feature a flower design or pattern.

Bulb: The lamp should take a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb or a halogen bulb.

Cord: The lamp should have a power cord of at least three feet in length.

Switch: The Flower Desk Lamp should have an on/off switch conveniently located on the base.

Safety: The lamp should be UL approved and should include safety features such as an in-line fuse or circuit breaker.

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