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A Japanese floor chair, also known as a seiza chair, is a chair that is designed to be used while sitting on the floor. It has a low backrest and can be used for dining, studying, or relaxing. It is made of a light wood frame, with padding for comfort. It is traditionally used in Japan for formal occasions, but is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world.


A Japanese floor chair is a type of low-seating furniture that is designed to be used on the floor instead of a traditional chair or sofa. It usually has a backrest, armrests, and a cushion, and it is usually made of wood or bamboo. Floor chairs are common in traditional homes, where they are used for relaxing or meditating. They are also popular in modern homes, as they provide an alternative seating option for small spaces.

Specifications of Japanese floor chair

A Japanese floor chair is a type of low seating that is designed to be used while sitting on the floor. It typically consists of a wooden or metal frame with a fabric or leather cushion. The chair may have a backrest, armrests, and/or a footrest for added comfort. It is often used in Japanese homes and other traditional settings, but can also be used in modern homes.

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