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large metal peacock sculpture |SCULPTURE 2020



A large metal peacock sculpture is a magnificent artwork that captures the grace, beauty, and vibrant colors of a peacock, which is often considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world. This sculpture is crafted using various metals like steel, iron, or aluminum, providing durability and a striking visual appeal. The sculpture typically stands tall, reaching a significant height, and can be displayed either indoors or outdoors, depending on its intended purpose. It features intricate metalwork, meticulously designed to mimic the intricate details of a peacock's plumage. The artist pays close attention to capturing the elegant lines, flowing curves, and delicate patterns found on a peacock's feathers. The body of the peacock is sculpted with great care and attention to detail. The metalwork brings out the strong and sturdy structure of the bird, while still maintaining a sense of lightness and grace. The feathers are intricately shaped and positioned to resemble the open display of a peacock's tail feathers, showcasing its magnificent fan-like pattern.


A large metal peacock sculpture is a captivating and ornate artwork that showcases the majestic beauty of a peacock in a grand and imposing manner. This type of sculpture is typically crafted on a large scale, often reaching several feet in height and length, making it a prominent and eye-catching feature in any setting. The sculpture is meticulously designed and constructed using various metals such as stainless steel, bronze, or copper. These materials provide durability and allow for intricate detailing to capture the essence of the peacock's feathers and form. The artist employs a combination of welding, shaping, and sculpting techniques to bring the sculpture to life. The metal peacock sculpture emphasizes the intricate patterns and vibrant colors found in a peacock's plumage. The feathers are meticulously crafted, each one individually shaped and textured to recreate the natural beauty of the bird. The artist pays careful attention to capturing the delicate curves, flowing lines, and iridescent hues that make the peacock so visually striking. The sculpture often features a dynamic pose, with the peacock's tail feathers fanned out in an elaborate display. 

Specifications of large metal peacock sculpture

Specifications for a large metal peacock sculpture can vary depending on the specific design and artist's vision. However, here are some general specifications that might apply to such a sculpture:

  1. Size: A large metal peacock sculpture typically stands several feet tall, with the dimensions ranging from 4 to 8 feet in height. The length, including the tail feathers, can vary from 6 to 12 feet or more, depending on the desired scale and impact of the sculpture.

  2. Materials: The sculpture is primarily constructed using durable metals such as stainless steel, bronze, or copper. These materials provide strength, resistance to corrosion, and the ability to withstand outdoor elements.

  3. Weight: Due to its size and metal construction, a large metal peacock sculpture can weigh several hundred pounds to over a ton, depending on the specific materials used. The weight contributes to the stability and sturdiness of the sculpture.

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