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wavy table lamp |Table Lamp 1069



The Wavy Table Lamp is a modern and stylish lighting piece that adds a touch of contemporary flair to any room. This lamp features a wavy base with a curved stem and a round white shade, making it perfect for any living room, bedroom, or office space. The lamp has a sleek and minimalistic design that won't overpower the decor in a room. The lamp is made of metal, making it durable and long-lasting. The Wavy Lamp is an ideal choice for those looking to bring a modern and minimalist touch to their home.


The Wavy Table Lamp is a unique and stunning piece that adds a modern, yet classic touch to any space. The unique design features a curved base and a wavy shade, giving it a unique and eye-catching look. The lamp is perfect for any room, from a modern living room to a more traditional bedroom. With its high-quality construction and easy installation, the Wavy is a great addition to any home.

Specifications of Wavy Table Lamp

1. Material: The wavy lamp should be made of durable, high-quality materials such as metal or ceramic. 2. Design: The lamp should have a unique and modern design with a wavy shape.

3. Size: The lamp should be no larger than 12 inches in height and 6 inches in width.

4. Electrical: The lamp should be powered by a standard 120V plug. 5. Light Source: The light source should be an LED bulb with a maximum wattage of 40W.

6. Switch: The Wavy Table Lamp should have an on/off switch for easy operation. 7. Safety: The lamp should be UL approved to ensure safety.

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