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Wood nesting coffee tables |TABLE 1084



Wood nesting coffee tables are a set of two or more tables that fit together like a puzzle. They have a modern and stylish design that makes them a great accent piece for any living room. The tables are made of solid wood, and their construction is designed to ensure that each table fits snugly together. The smaller tables can be placed beneath the larger table, creating a cohesive and functional look. They are ideal for small spaces, as they can be used as separate tables or combined to create a larger coffee table.


Nesting coffee tables are a great way to add extra surface space to a room without taking up too much space. They are typically made of wood and come in sets of two or more tables that can be stacked or nested together. Nesting coffee tables offer a great way to add extra seating or storage space to any living room or family room. They are also great for entertaining guests since they can be easily arranged to accommodate different numbers of people.

Specifications of Wood nesting coffee tables

1. Materials: The wood nesting coffee tables should be made of solid hardwood, such as oak, maple, walnut, or cherry.

2. Design: The tables should be designed in a nesting style, with one table slightly smaller than the other. The tables should have a matching finish and fit together snugly.

3. Finish: The tables should be finished with a protective sealant, such as a lacquer or varnish, to protect the wood from scratches and wear.

4. Dimensions: The larger table should measure at least 24 inches wide, 16 inches deep, and 18 inches high. The smaller table should measure at least 20 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 16 inches high.

5. Construction: The tables should be constructed using mortise and tenon joints for strength and durability.


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